Picatinny Top Rail AK47 MAK90 Top Receiver Cover Rail Scope Mount Base Dust MNT-970A See Through See-Thru AK Rail . 3.0. 2 Orders. store: Si Yu Hunting Store. US $28.32. (And I can get all those things from OST!) (And I do!) ... Home > MANUFACTURERS > ATI > ATI Mag Cover for AK-47 / MAK-90 (4 Pack) ATI Mag Cover for AK-47 / MAK-90 (4 Pack. AK47 Troubleshooting » MAK 90 Dust Cover Needing a MAK 90 dust cover or equal It has a 6-Position collapsible stock An AK-74M universal upgrade kit consisting of a new safety, dust cover and furniture featuring improved. Buy norinco mak 90 Online at GunBroker Norinco Mac 90 and Yugo RPK (M-90) Norinco Mac 90 and Yugo RPK (M-90). Ak47 Dust Cover Install Hack Unique dual mount design replaces the dust cover and rear sight to allow a.

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